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Thursday, November 14, 2013

v.Rogers-Hütte E litter whelped 10/28/2013

Gunner v.d. Salzmarsch whelped 6 healthy pups on 10-28-2013. We have an even split boys to girls, but only one Brown female. All pups and mom are doing well, eyes are open, and they are starting to find their legs. More pictures to come weekly as they grow.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Catja v.Rogers-Hütte completes her HZP

Catja and her handler Sharon made the long trip from Western Montana to South Dakota this past weekend for Catja to run her HZP. Catja passed with a score of 179 points and Sharon has officially completed her first HZP. I was not able to travel to South Dakota to share the day with them, but the excited phone call from sharon made my afternoon. Sharon has done an awesome job working Catja and preparing her for the HZP, but more importantly, preparing her as a hunting companion. I will be making a trip up North in a couple of weeks to bring Catja home with me for awhile, we are really excited to have her coming to the kennel for a stay. Check back for pictures of Catja as soon as we can get some posted. Congratulations Sharon!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cash v.Rogers-Hütte completes his HZP

First time handler Jack Wiley and Cash v.Rogers-Hütte ( AKA Cy) completed their HZP on Sat Sept 7th in South Dakota with 189 points. Jack has done an awesome job of training and developing Cy this year.
A weird twist of fate brought Jack and Rhonda to my kennel almost two years ago. The thing I remember most, about the these two the first time I met them was the immense love for the Drahthaar breed, and the remarkable desire to learn how to train, work, and live with these awesome dogs. Rhonda was the first one in the wiley family to own a DD and it was through her dog's abilities and Rhonda's time spent training that Jack decided he also wanted a DD for himself. We have been so very impressed with the work that these two have done and the test results speak for themselves. Jack has developed a bond with Cy that will last for many,many years. As Custodians of the Drahthaar breed we go to great lengths to try and pair the right people with the right dog, it is a wonderful feeling when it all comes together and you get to see the results of your efforts being utilized to their fullest through the efforts of the right person.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Catching up and litter announcement

Spring and summer have almost gotten away from us this year. We have been extremely busy trying to get our old house on the market, and enjoying the new house. A lot of exciting things going on in the kennel these days, we will have several of our C litter pups running their HZP this month. We can't thank the handlers enough for their time and dedication to training, There is no doubt the bond is strong between these owners and their 4 legged friends.
We have also recently imported a nice female from a very solid breeding her name is Ulme vom Fuchsberg ( we will call her Jeta)  we are in love with her amazing personality, temperament, and drive. She will be a fine addition to our kennel. Her breeding is Ferro vom Brundlefeld X Kiwi vom Fuchsberg. All in all a very consistent litter to this point. Keep checking back for update on Jeta as we continue preparing for her VJP in spring 2014.
We have also bred Greta v.d. Salzmarsch ( Gunner) for what will be her last litter. Gunner has been the 'Dog of a lifetime' for me, we are very excited about her finale litter. She has met her partner 3 times this past week and all things went as planned. We will be expecting puppies early November and will probably look for them to be going home right before Christmas  this year. The  breeding will be

Greta v.d. Salzmarsch
VJP- 76
HZP 186
Coat - Conformation 11/10
NAVHDA NA 112 Prize 1

Bred to :

Colt vom Entenmoor, 203198,  60390, Brsch., DOB: 04.03.2007, ZR091/07,
         12/11, 64/64, VJP-75, HZP-193 ARM., VGP I/293, Btr,  HD- Free, OCD & ED Free, vWd Free by DNA.
         Armbruster 2008 Second Place and Most Beautiful Male and Best Field Work Awards.

Colt has been producing some very nice dogs and we have been watching several other breedings very close to this one with very good results. We are expecting puppies with a ton of water drive, excellent field and forest work, and easy to live with. We will be posting more info as things progress.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bagira v.Rogers-Hutte passes her HZP performance test.

The long hot summer is finally starting to come to an end here in Central Il. We have spent the summer dodging the heat index and trying to adapt our training program to extreme early mornings and near dark evening routines. Bagira v.Rogers-Hutte came through the summer very well and has grown into a very enjoyable hunting companion. We are looking forward to getting her into the field and water in a few short weeks. Bagira completed her HZP this past weekend at a test hosted by the Heartland Chapter of the VDD in Iowa with a score of 183 w/o hare. I was thrilled and amazed with her performance Sunday, she truly showed what she's capable of. Her field work was very good in difficult circumstance i.e. no wind Bagira searched with diligence and desire. Once she located birds her point was intense and long. From there we moved onto the drag fields where Bagira really performed better than I could've asked for. 

The feather drag was done first and the 'observing judge' at the end of the drag said she never missed a beat, she hit the duck in full stride, scooped it up, jumped in the air doing a 180 and hauled butt back to me for a near perfect delivery. Next, we moved onto the rabbit drag where she showed some of her 'joker like' characteristics. The judges had laid the drag and then tried to hide themselves in a fence row of sorts. The wind had picked up a little at this point and was coming in an East to west manner across the drag laid from north to south. I released Bagira on the track and she was off like a bullet. She made the first turn with ease and was really working the track well at this point. However, she appeared to miss the second turn and after about 15 yards she realized the scent was not there. at this point she started circling with her nose down trying to locate the track. After what seemed like an eternity, she located the track and found the game and returned to me for another excellent delivery. Once the judges returned to the start of the track they informed me that she had located their foot scent and tracked them to their hiding spot, where she insisted on squeezing between the two judges knocking one of them over, and continued to the game. I was assured if she had tried to retrieve the apprentice judge she knocked over the others would've gave an excellent score :o)

We finished the day with water work. This has really grown into her strongest trait, she absolutely loves the water. The blind retrieve went without issue. I took her down the somewhat steep bank and gave her a line about 25 yards across the water to the dead game. She keyed in to the command 'dead bird' and as 'back' came out of my mouth Bagira launched in the water, took the line directly to the duck, scooped it up, and returned for a really great delivery. 

The last category was the search behind the duck. Baigira hit the water and absolutely tore the pond up searching with an extreme high level of industry. During her search she, was able to push several ducks out of the cover, and after about 25 min the judges had seen what they needed to see. I was almost in tears with the excitement of watching her work the water, she was persistence, smart, and showed a ton of heart. The judge awarded her a score of 11 in search.

The day ended with the reading of her scores: Straight 10's ( very good) in all categories with an 11 in water work for a total of 183 points. This completed an amazing summer of hard work by us both and is well deserved for her. We are now preparing our plans for hunting season and the start of her VGP training plan.

Monday, May 7, 2012

C- Litter is going home

We have been busy around the kennel spending the last few days with puppies while we waited to tattoo numbers to arrive. We were able to dodge the rain a few evening and get the pups outside to start exploring the great big world. All of them took to the 'puppy hotdog tracks' very well with a few all stars in the bunch. The weather really put a damper on our early introductions this  time around. However, we have some very dedicated and highly motivated owners that I'm very comfortable with begin exposing their pups immediately.

Rhonda and Jack Wiley drove all the way up from NW Missouri to pick up their pup Cash and volunteered to take 3 additional pups back to their home for easier pick up with owners from around that area. DD people like this are what makes this such a wonderful club to be a part of. Cash ( Picture below), Chazz, Condor, and Cita are all making their way home with the Wiley express.....

Cash v.Rogers-hutte

Chazz v.Rogers-Hutte

Char ( purple collar female) will be going to live in Southern Ill, her owner will be up later this week.

Catia ( blue collar female) will be going to live in Montana with a very expierenced versatile dog owner and trainer that we are trying to convert from DL ( longhaar's) to DD's. I'm 100% convinced that little Gunner will be the dog to do it.

That Tattoo stuff is for the birds!

Colt will be going to live in a very hard hunting home in Texas.

Concho- Will be staying close to us here in illinois and will be hunted on upland and waterfowl. We are looking forward to being apart of this pup's training with a brand new DD owner and handler.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

C- Litter updated pictures

Wow, been a busy day around here! We managed to get some updated pictures taken and the garage somewhat back in order. Evidently we have a few escape artist in the bunch. After I went to bed last night one or more of them managed to get the wing nut off one of the clamps that hold panels together. Once this clamp was removed they pushed out of the kennel and had free run of the garage! Cindy came home from work and opened the door to find 7 of the 8 puppies running loose and raising cain. They managed to ransack the garage, lol silly puppies!!
It's a good thing we always take precautions and puppy proof the shop before a litter. There wasn't anything to hurt them, but boy did they make a mess. Cindy said Gunner was just laying in her kennel watching the kids have fun. We also had a very busy day talking dogs with future puppy owners. We are feeling very blessed to know that more than 50% of the owners have committed to taking their pups through the VDD performance Testing program. This will offer us so much knowledge and information about the breeding. We can't thank the owners enough for their commitment.

Here are the pictures:    

Purple Collar Female- 

Purple Collar

Blue collar Female- We refer to as Little Gunner- She is a spitting image of her Mom. We love this ones personality, she has what looks to be a great coat, excellent conformation, etc. She will be going to a great hunting home in Montana

 Brown Female- Cita v.Rogers-Hutte. Cita will be going to live with  vom Muth-Bauernhof Kennels in Kansas. We are very excited about the possibilities with her.

White Collar Brown Male- *** 

Black Collar Brown Male ***

Brown Collar Brown Male ***

Red Collar Brown Male

Black Male